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Natural Male Enhancement - NuVirile Product Summary:

The Dietary Supplement NuVirile has earned its name as the New Gold Standard for All Natural Male Enhancement. It is stronger and more effective than prescription drugs, and men who use this product will find that it works every time. This all natural male enhancement supplement enables men to produce bigger, more firm, more rigid erections that are able to stay hard for a significant amount of time. NuVirile delivers the Strength, Stamina and Power to allow men to have their Peek Performance every time. NuVirile is simply the best natural male enhancement supplement on the market.

What can you expect from this natural male enhancement product?

1. Works in 30 minutes.
2. Effects last for up to 48 hours.
3. Experience a Harder, Longer Lasting, More Powerful Erection.
4. Heightens your Libido, Sexual Stamina and Sex Drive.
5. Increases your Sexual Endurance and Strength
6. Increases feelings of Sexual Arousal and Enhances Sexual Pleasure.
7. Feel Confidence in your Sexual Performance.
8. Experience More Powerful, Intense Orgasms.

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Ingredients In Natural Male Enhancement by NuVirile

NuVirile is the New Gold Standard in the world of Male Enhancement supplements. It is specifically designed to give the user all the desired results but only when they are truly required. Unlike several other products that can produce the effects at the most inappropriate time and place.

NuVirile's Newly Designed Formula is so clean that it can be taken as a Daily Dietary Supplement to provide the user with the desired results on a sustained basis. It's ingredients are listed below. They are all 100% Natural Organic Ingredients that are found in various regions of the world. Our scientists have combined these particular natural ingredients together in our special formula to create a highly concentrated single capsule that produces the most desired effects and results that all men want.

If you have tried other natural male enhancement products and they just did not produce the effects you desire most then we strongly recommend you give NuVirile a chance to prove to you that it is the New Gold Standard in All Natural Male Enhancement.

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List of NuVirile's Ingredients: Siberia Ginseng Extract, White Willow Extract, Jujube Extract, Cayenne Extract, Stinging Nettles, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Avena Sativa Extract .

1. male enhancementSiberia Ginseng Extract: Traditional uses of ginseng include being taken orally in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men. Siberian Ginseng is a stimulating tonic. In this context, 'stimulating' means the ability to increase the work capacity of the entire body after only a single dose. The tonic effect maintains its impact over a prolonged period of time, keeping the energies revitalized without overworking the body. It even continues working for a period of time after the user has stopped taking it. Siberian Ginseng's reputation for aiding male enhancement has made it a traditional favorite with older men in the East and recently in the West. Its claims to fame include stronger sex drive, increased semen output and heightened fertility - all accomplished without decreasing energy levels at any point. But it is no male preserve: the herb also helps women to become more sexually active and fertile.

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2. male enhancementWhite Willow Extract: White Willow Extract increases blood flow across the body, including that brain and sexual organs. This herb also has the ability to balance hormones and reduce stress. When it comes to male enhancement, there is an increase in libido and sex drive with an increase in sensation which enhances seual pleasure.

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3. male enhancementJujube Extract: Is well known to be an effective treatment for anxiety, which we all know is a factor when it comes to ED. Many sexual problems tend to start in the head and men who are stressing about performance have tendency to perform poorly. By reducing their anxiety and allowing them to relax, jujube extract allows them to fully enjoy their experience, thus making it a great ingredient for male enhancement.

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4. male enhancementCayenne Extract: Some of the health benefits of cayenne extract are: Ability to stop a heart attack in progress, Lowering blood pressure while strengthening heart performance, Safe and natural stimulant action, Improves circulation through vasodilatation and helping to prevent blood clots.

Additionally, it helps with system absorption, cayenne makes the other ingredients in NuVirile work better. Also since it improves circulation and makes people feel better it also helps in male enhancement with their overall sexual performance.

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5. male enhancementStinging Nettles: is a botanical with a long history of human use. It is known to be an effective treatment for BHP, or prostate enlargement. It may also help prevent the binding of sex hormone binding globulin to testosterone. Which helps to ensure that free testosterone is available for promoting male ehnancement and youthful sexual functions.

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6. male enhancementPumpkin Seed Extract: is a excellent source of nutrients for your prostate, but it also contains many libido boosting vitamins, essential sex drive minerals and high levels of zinc which is necessary for optimal testosterone production in the body.

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7. male enhancementBombyx Mori Extract: is from the male silk moth and contains various nutrients, minerals and amino acids that are highlt beneficial to your overall health. It has been used for thousands or years by the Chinese as a method for increasing sexual desire and increasing sexual stamina. It also is capable of increasing blood flow to smooth tissue muscles to improve arterial dilation, increasing the blood flow to the penis to improve erections for male enhencement.

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8. male enhancementAvena Sativa Extract: is a botanical extract that has traditionally been used to increase strength, mind, spirit and body. References to the stimulating effects of avena sativa - common name wild oat straw - have been found up to 200 years ago in the German Pharmacopoeia. Modern studies at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality have shown that avena sativa aids sexual arousal and in male enhancement.

A 1986 study with volunteers who expressed interest in improving their sexual response showed men experienced a 22% increase in genital sensation and women a 15% increase. Men experienced a 36% increase in frequency of orgasm and women a 29% increase. Volunteers aged 22 - 64: their dysfunction/dissatisfaction ranged from impotence to a female lack of desire and inability to respond sexually.

A follow up study showed men experienced increased sex drive, enhanced erections and more pleasure during sex when taking avena sativa. Avena sativa has been found to free up testosterone, which becomes increasingly bound to various compounds in the body with advancing age. Avena sativa is a recognized mood enhancer, which also supports testosterone in men and women, with assistance for sex drive. Traditionally used as a remedy to help with recovery from exhaustion and low mood, it works well enhancing feelings of well being and restoring energy.

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NuVirile's Qualities:

NuVirile was designed to help men with their sexual performance in many different ways. It is equipped with potent natural aphrodisiacs that will result in a stronger sex drive and extend a man's staying power. Men can benefit from more sexual energy and endurance, and the size of their erection can increase in both length and width.

Additionally, the Newly Designed NuVirile Formula is Clinically Proven and Doctor Approved, and one of the reasons that this product is superior to prescription drugs is that they only provide temporary benefits, whereas this product was developed to promote sustainable results

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